Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I've Been Lost.

People tell me everyday that I should "blog" professionally or that I should write a book - and while those sound like GREAT ideas, I could never do it.  Reason #486...  I haven't blogged since SEPTEMBER!  Who would follow that?  LOL.

Honestly, I haven't done a LOT of things since September... like, run, practice my yoga, cleanse, or have a girls night.  Going to mass weekly has also fallen off and just structured prayer in general.

I feel like my internal compass is stuck going in the wrong direction.  Am I depressed?  Am I bored?  Am I heartbroken?  Am I overwhelmed?
These are all possibilities.

Before anyone calls in reinforcements, don't worry... I am not going to do anything crazy.
I simply feel like 2014 was so nuts for me!   I started the year with our second dog dying Christmas Eve (2013) and getting a new puppy three weeks later.

Then, I left Bailey for 2 weeks to go to Shanghai with Christian.

When we returned, Christian took his new job and we spent all of March working on getting the house ready for the market.

Once that was done, Christian was off to Atlanta in April and I stayed in Iowa with Bailey until May.

Over the summer, we lived in a loft which was MISERABLE - and followed that with the move from HELL and closed on our new home in August.  All the while the stress of 2 mortgages hung over my head but praise Jesus!! (in my best Melissa Gorga voice) we closed on our Iowa home in September.

In the midst of all this moving, packing, traveling, and transferring - I also had some personal struggles.  Falling outs with old friends, a run in with the cops (I will never tell ;0), and Bailey starting school.  As all of this is unfolding, I am still striving to be the best mom that I can be and also the best wife.

It is all hard.  I think that one thing that I have found is that those who are still standing with me today even after all that craziness, are the ones who will be there forever.
Stress doesn't bring out the best in people and it certainly didn't for me.  I have not been the best friend or even the best person, but some chose to take this moment of weakness in me and attack me while others unconditionally have loved me.  I also have learned that at the end of the day, your spouse will be your redeemer.  Through all of this, Christian has just stayed strong and been my biggest advocate and most understanding ear.  He has let me know when I should have acted differently but loved me all the same.
I felt like many times over the year last year, people were a little thrown off at my half-insane attitude and instead of just supporting me, they tried to FIX me.  I don't need fixing.  I don't need an intervention.  And I don't need criticism and judgement.

I guess, like I said in the beginning, I may have been overly stressed, which definitely left me overwhelmed, which made me vulnerable - and people took advantage, which in the end left me heartbroken.

but I am wiser all the more...

As for my internal compass, I will reference the old adage, "All those who wander are not lost."
I am not lost, just off the beaten path, but I am making my way back!

I am running again, I signed up with a new yoga studio, and am looking forward to an exciting girls weekend next weekend as I go with my best friend Ashleigh wedding dress shopping!!!
I am getting back into my prayer cycle and Christian and I are planning our 10 Year Anniversary trip to St. Maarten!  But best of all, I am BLOGGING!!!



My friend Michelle (middle) visited me from Iowa!

Bailey was a pirate for Halloween!


Pure excitement!

Thanksgiving Party at Bailey's school

Thanksgiving in Charlotte

Going to see Santa!

nailed it.

Bailey's teacher, Ms. Laney

Bailey turned 4 this past Christmas!

but first, let us take a selfie at the party...

Christmas morning at our house

Otto - 12 months, 100 pounds

Bike ride :)

On the sky view Ferris Wheel in Atlanta... where I discovered that I HATE heights...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our EPIC Beach Trip - Part Deax

After our moving fiasco, we began preparing for our annual beach trip to NC.  We started the tradition last year, and intend to make it an annual thing :)

We rented a house with our good friends from college and each of us brought some others along - we ended up having 7 couples!  It was a BLAST.  I do not use the word "epic" much,  but this trip truly was a first in MANY ways!

First off, the house was AMAZEBALLS.  I don't even think I got a picture... (mainly because I am not a real estate agent) but I wish I would have.
The coolest part was that upon checking in, these "Turtle Patrol" people came to our door to let us know that there was a nest literally at the bottom of our stairs to the beach.  They expected them to hatch that week, and because there was a full moon, they were positive it would be in the next day or two.  I thought it was SO cool!
There were some annoying parts... we had to keep our light off at night on the back of the house so the turtles didn't mistake it for the moon - which is their guide of which was to run!
The "turtle patrol" came out every night and sat at the nest until about 10pm... waiting and watching. Now, these were some interesting people.  I tried talking to them a few times, but I think we may have been representing two different worlds... meaning, they didn't get ANY of my jokes and were SUPER serious.   If you know me, I am rarely serious.  It almost made me more silly to see how stoic they were!  Some people...

Anyhow, to our disappointment, two days had passed and they had not hatched.  It had been really cloudy too, so they think they may have missed the moon signal.  On Wednesday, we were all on the beach preparing for a wiffle ball game (yes, we played wiffle ball) and one of our friends yells... "Turtles are hatching!"
We look over and there they were!  All popping out of the nest!  We panicked!  They are not supposed to hatch during the day - their chances of survival drop to like zero.  We called the "turtle patrol" and they tell us to start collecting them and put them in a bucket.  The seagulls were in full swarm around us the entire time... trying to get to them!  It was so crazy!  We got a big bin and started putting them in there.  The plan was that later that night, the patrol would release them when it got dark.

It was such an awesome experience to see this!  I mean, I am pretty sure that will never happen again in my life :)

Bailey quite enjoyed it as well... I challenge her biology teacher to top that!  I literally learned more about sea turtles than any person should know.  Try me.  
They let the turtles go that night and let them finish hatching until Friday.  Then they came out and dug up the nest.  The are looking for info about how many hatched, how many eggs went unfertilized, etc.  There were a few "dead" ones... but when she opened the egg, she showed us how they simply did not develop properly.  Nature is so fascinating!  They take DNA samples and that is how they estimate how many sea turtles are left.  Apparently they are endangered.  This mother was believed to be 35 years old!  She was huge!

Some other highlights from out trip included a kitchen spoon rest that was so phallic that we could not get over WHY someone would invent something that looked like this!  I know, I am immature... but being silly keeps me young!

The boys caught some HUGE fish that we ate for dinner... that was fun!

I learned that I love paddle boarding and am a natural surfer :)  I tried it for the first time... got up, and rode a wave all the way in and stepped off the board!  We all cracked up!  The joke was how easy I made it look - I credit yoga for my impeccable balance!
But seriously, I am waiting for my endorsement from Roxy.

Lastly, we hired a photographer to do our family photos.  He did an awesome job!  A huge storm was rolling in and that made for some awesome lighting and dimension.

Here are some highlights!


We laughed a LOT about this sign... Molest?

They are hatching!

Friday they returned to remove all of the eggs  

Jeromy caught this right out front of the house!

Bailey and my best friends Heather's daughter Hannah

These guys...

Me and my love :)

Our view ahhhhhh

Bailey's serious model face...

her sweet modeling face... 

Loved the beach!

My best friends Ashleigh and Kyle joined us this year... twas fun!

Vacation Selfie

Phallic Spoon... I mean, really!?!?  Who invented this!?!?

Holly photobombed my selfie... LOL!

We ate a LOT of bacon

a little Can Jam action

Last Braves game of the season

First day of Pre-K!
First day of ballet.. we have BIG expectations since
Bailey's biological grandmother was a professional
ballroom dancer!  LOL!